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The GammaRays first release
These guys ARE the 1950's!!! They practice in an autobody repair shop, own vintage custom rods, grease up their hair and show how 100% pure rockabilly sounds. Also, this east coast rockabilly band does it with bonk-bonk on the head blues, swing, surf and a country twang which separates them from the pack of "I think I'll cash in on that swing stuff that that guy who used to be in a cool band is now doing and now gets played on clothing commercials on television." The 50's rockers were about attitude, about being different. And different are what make the Gamma Rays special today.

With their debut disc gaining praise and being scooped up by all purists, the Gamma Rays, Johnny Deware (Vocals, rhthym guitar), Phil Guglielmi (lead guitar), Bob McKenna (big ass bull bass), and Luke Karosi (on the skins), are now headed for the studio in the near future. Many new songs under their belts plus more coming everyday. You can order their debut CD on line at Hepcat. Also, look for one of their tracks to appear on "It Came From Hell, Volume II" from Crazy Love Records.

Sound clips - mp3s
? Can't Help It
Time: 3:30 - 3.2MB mp3

? Ride My Rocket
Time: 2:58 - 2.7MB mp3

? I Spy
Time: 3:24 - 3.4MB mp3

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