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This site is undergoing a MAJOR OVERHAUL. Please excuse the appearance. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE!!! The email addresses listed on this site are no operating. To contact Jeri and The Jeespters, go to http://www.myspace.com/jeriandthejeepsters until our new site is completed. Thanks again!

Check out our Artists section which is always being updated and also catch up on all the articles from our archives. Be sure to check out our www.MySpace.com account for Jeri and the Jeepsters!!!! And here at Dauntless we have more info for you on all the happenings around our New England area.

We here have done all the leg work on interviewing and comparing Dauntless Artists including local writers and performers. Get the dish on Jeri and the Jeepsters, the GammaRays, and more. This includes monthly club dates, band bios, sound clips, photos and news. Is your band represented on the web? No! Well maybe it's time and we can help.

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